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At INTERNshipped, our mission is to pair specialized intern with companies by comparing goals, work methods, and personality. We aim to create a network of reliable interns who are passionate about their field.


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INTERNshipped is a startup based on the vision to pair interns to the right company. By contrasting your specific needs against our diverse database of specialized interns, we are able to find the perfect intern, no matter the job. We aim to take the hassle out of networking and create a community of startups that are passionate about finding the right interns. By simplifying the intern recruitment process, we can create a stronger organization, and an even stronger worker through significant enrichment opportunities.

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We hope to create a safe and reliable networking base for interns and companies. We want all companies to feel confident in their interns work ethic and abilities; and for interns to feel passionate about the projects they join. Through Internshipped companies can get hard working interns that are passionate, share the same values, and pair well to their request.

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